6.6.7 Working with water

Use this domain for words related to working with water.

OMC Codes: 
376 Water Power
Louw Nida Codes: 
7E Constructions for Holding Water
  • What words refer to digging a well?
    dig (a well), drill (a well), sink (a bore hole)
  • What words are used for storing water?
    reservoir, cistern, water tank, water barrel, bucket, jerry can, water tower
  • What words are used of a system of water transportation?
    canal, water-way, navigation channel, lock, dock
  • What words refer to using waterpower?
    water-power, water mill, water-wheel
  • What words are used of generating electricity using waterpower?
    dam, hydroelectric power plant, electric generating plant, dynamo
  • What words are used of removing water from something?
    sieve, drain, press, extract, strain