Working with chemicals

Use this domain for words related to working with chemicals.

OMC Codes: 
303 Manufacturing of Toilet Accessories
380 Chemical Industries
381 Chemical Engineering
382 Petroleum and Coal Products Industries
383 Rubber Industry
384 Synthetics Industry
385 Industrial Chemicals
386 Paint and Dye Manufacture
387 Fertilizer Industry
388 Soap and Allied Products
389 Manufacture of Explosives
549 Art and Recreational Supplies Industries
719 Munitions Industries
  • What words refer to working with chemicals?
  • What words refer to a person who works with chemicals?
    chemist, alchemist
  • What tools are used to work with chemicals?
    test tube, beaker, Bunsen burner, periodic table, formula, catalyst
  • What words refer to elements?
    atom, atomic, element, electron, neutron, nuclear, proton
  • What words refer to chemicals?
    chemical, compound, molecule, molecular, radical, valence
  • What types of chemicals are there?
    acid, base, alkali, biochemical, organic, inorganic, synthetic, plastic
  • What are the names of specific chemicals?
    acetate, alcohol, amino, ammonia, arsenic, asbestos, bicarbonate, butane, camphor, carbohydrate, chloride, chlorine, cleaner, cleanser, colloidal, creosote, cyanide, detergent, diesel, dioxide, emulsion, enamel, ethane, ethanol, ether, fluoride, fluorite, fuel, gas, gel, helium, hydrogen, iodine, leaven, hydrocarbon, hydrochloric, gasohol, gasoline, glycerin, kerosene, lacquer, latex, lithium, lubricant, methane, neon, nitrogen, nylon, oil, oxide, oxygen, ozone, paraffin, peroxide, phosgene, petrochemical, petrol, petrolatum, petroleum, polyester, protein, rayon, resin, rosin, yeast, silicate, silicon, sodium, solution, sol, solvent, spar, sulfuric, tallow, tannin, tartar, thinner, turpentine, varnish, vitriol, water