Use this domain for words referring to a man or any male person.

Louw Nida Codes: 
9B Males
  • What words refer to a man?
    man, guy, bloke, chap, fellow, gentleman, male, men folk,
  • What words refer to a young man?
    boy, lad, youth, young man, schoolboy, little shaver,
  • What words describe a man?
    cad, chesty, dandified, dandy, fatherly, foppish, fox, gentlemanly, rake, stud,
  • What words describe a man who acts like a man?
    masculine, virile, manly, macho, he-man,
  • What words describe a man who acts like a boy or a woman?
    boyish, childish, effeminate, milksop, mincing, sissified, sissy, unmanly, wimp, womanish
  • What words describe something to do with men?
    male, masculine,
  • What words refer to whether or not a man is married?
    bachelor, castrated, celibate, divorcé, eunuch, widower,
  • What do you call a man when you talk to him?
    sir, Mr., mate, buddy, mister, sire, lord,