Use this domain for words related to being pregnant.

OMC Codes: 
843 Pregnancy
842 Conception
  • What words refer to a man causing a woman to become pregnant?
    beget, begetting, begotten, impregnate, get (her) pregnant, father (v) a child, procreate, procreation, reproduce, sire, engender, generate,
  • What words refer to a woman becoming pregnant?
    conceive, conception, become pregnant
  • What words refer to a woman being pregnant?
    be pregnant, be going to have a baby, be having a baby, be expecting, bear, carry, carry to term,
  • What words describe a woman who is pregnant?
    pregnant, big as a house, expectant, expecting,
  • What words refer to the time period when a woman is pregnant?
    pregnancy, gestation period, term, full term, trimester, antenatal, prenatal,
  • What words refer to what a baby does?
    kick, turn, drop,
  • What words refer to the part from the father and the part from the mother that make a baby?
    egg, sperm, gamete, ovum, gene,