7.8.6 Dig

Use this domain for words related to digging in the ground.

Louw Nida Codes: 
19F Dig
  • What words refer to digging?
    dig, mine, excavate, tunnel, burrow, unearth, undermine, cave in, bulldoze, shovel out, scoop, scratch out, scrape, drill, dredge, sink (a hole)
  • What words refer to a hole dug in the ground?
    hole, pit, mine, excavation, tunnel, burrow, trench, ditch, shaft, foxhole, crater, cave, cavern, grotto
  • What tools and machines are used to dig?
    shovel, spade, hoe, pickaxe, steam shovel, bulldozer, backhoe
  • What words describe the size of a hole in the ground?
    deep, shallow, narrow, wide
  • What words refer to putting something in a hole and covering it up?