Deep, shallow

Use this domain for words related to being deep or shallow--how far something such as a hole extends below the ground or other surface, or how far something is below the surface of the water.

Louw Nida Codes: 
81B High, Low, Deep
  • What words describe something that is deep?
    deep, deeply, deep-seated, in the depths, deep down,
  • What words describe something that is very deep?
  • What words describe how deep something is for a person?
    knee-deep, waist-deep, over your head, out of your depth,
  • What words refer to a deep place?
    the depths, channel, trench, gulf, abyss,
  • What words refer to something becoming deep?
    deepen, get deeper,
  • What words refer to making something deep?
    deepen, dredge, dig out,
  • What words refer to being deeper than another thing?
    deeper, deepest,
  • What words refer to how deep something is?
  • What words indicate how deep something is?
    how deep, be (ten feet) deep, (ten feet) in depth, at a depth of (ten feet), plunge (ten feet),
  • What words refer to measuring how deep something is?
    take a sounding, plumb,
  • What instruments are used to measure how deep something is?
    plumb line,
  • What words refer to a unit of depth?
  • What words describe something that is shallow?
    shallow, not deep, skin-deep, superficial, surface,
  • What words refer to a shallow place?
    shallows, shoal,