8.2.3 Thick

Use this domain for words referring to being thick.

Louw Nida Codes: 
81D Narrow, Wide
  • What words describe something that is thick?
    thick, chunky, fat,
  • What words describe something like a branch or rope that is thick?
    thick, stout,
  • What words describe something like cloth or paper that is thick?
    thick, heavy,
  • What words refer to something becoming thick?
    thicken, get thick,
  • What words refer to making something thick?
  • What words refer to being thicker than another thing?
    thicker, thickest,
  • What words refer to how thick something is?
  • What words indicate how thick something is?
    how thick, be ten centimeters thick,
  • What words describe a part of something that is thick?