Use this domain for words indicating that something is far from something else.

Louw Nida Codes: 
83E At, Beside, Near, Far x
  • What words indicate that something is far from something else?
    far, far away, far off, afar, far afield, far and wide, a far cry from, far apart, far removed, distant, be distant, a long distance, in the distance, some distance, a good distance, a ways, way off, a long way (off), a long ways away, a fair way, quite a ways, nowhere near, miles (away), yonder, wide of, clear off, all over, asunder, at arm's length, on the horizon, the ends of the earth, uttermost parts of the earth
  • What words describe something that is far?
    distant, remote, faraway, out of the way, long-distance, far-flung
  • What words refer to how far something is?
    distance, how far
  • What words indicate that something is far enough so that you cannot do something?
    too far, out of sight, out of range, beyond reach, out of reach, out of hearing
  • What words refer to moving away from someone or something?
    go away, recede
  • What words refer to moving away from a person or vehicle behind you?
    leave behind, leave in the dust
  • What words refer to staying far from something?
    not go near, not come near, stay away from, keep away from, keep your distance, keep off, stay back, keep back, remain at a distance, stand off, stand aloof, steer clear of, stand clear of
  • What words refer to a long distance?
    long distance, long haul, long range, a fur piece
  • What words describe a place that is far away from where most people go?
    remote, isolated, out of the way, off the beaten track, secluded, miles from anywhere, in the middle of nowhere, way out, backwater, backcountry, boondocks, boonies, hicks, out in the sticks
  • What words indicate that something is farther than something else?
    farther, further, beyond, past, on the other side of, farthest, furthest, extreme, in the offing, background