8.2.2 Long

Use this domain for words related to being long. In many languages there is more than one system of measuring length. These systems may be used for different purposes or in different jobs. For instance measuring the length of an object may use different words than measuring the distance a person travels.

Louw Nida Codes: 
81C Long, Short, Far
81F Specific Measures of Length
  • What words describe something that is long?
    long, lengthy, extensive,
  • What words describe a long distance?
    long, huge, vast,
  • What words refer to something that is long?
    a length of,
  • What words refer to something becoming long?
    get longer, lengthen, stretch,
  • What words refer to making something long?
    make something longer, lengthen, extend, stretch,
  • What words describe something that has been made long?
    lengthened, elongated, extended, stretched, outstretched,
  • What words refer to being longer than another thing?
    longer, longest,
  • What words refer to how long something is?
    length, distance, how long, span,
  • What words indicate how long something is?
    is, measure (v), long, in length, how long, be (two inches) (too) long,
  • What words refer to measuring how long something is?
    measure, pace off, step off,
  • What words refer to a unit of length?
    inch, foot, yard, mile, light year, millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer, day's journey,
  • What instruments are used to measure the length of something?
    caliper, chain, line, micrometer, rod, rule, ruler, tape measure, measuring tape, tapeline, yardstick,
  • What words describe a system of lengths?