7.5.5 Organize

Use this domain for words referring to organizing things, people, events, and ideas--to think about and decide on the pattern a group of things should be arranged in, and then doing whatever is necessary to arrange them so that they can be used for some purpose. This domain is like the domain 'Arrange' except that 'Arrange' emphasizes physically moving the things, and the domain 'Organize' emphasizes the logical system. 'Organize' does not require that the things be moved, only that the logical pattern is specified.

Louw Nida Codes: 
62B Organize
  • What words refer to organizing things?
    organize, dispose, structure, get together, get it together, get your act together, chart, marshal, put in a chart, put in a table, put in a matrix, sort, sort out, systematize, tabulate,
  • What words refer to the pattern in which things are organized?
    organization, ad hoc, alignment, apparatus, cycle, framework, hierarchy, mechanism, network, order, ordering, pattern, row, sequence, set-up, structure, system,
  • What tools and methods are used for organizing things?
    table, matrix, chart, organizational chart, flow chart, grid, cubby hole, pigeon hole, in basket, out basket,
  • What words refer to organizing things a second time, or organizing things after they have been disorganized?
    reorganize, reorganization, adjust, reform, reorder, reordering,
  • What words describe things that have been organized?
    organized, ordered, well-ordered, orderly, in order, harmonious, shipshape, structured, systematic, tidy, everything in its place,
  • What words describe a person who organizes things well?
    organized, methodical, neat, together,
  • What words refer to when everything is organized?