7.5.2 Join, attach

Use this domain for words related to joining two or more things together.

Louw Nida Codes: 
18 Attachment
18B Fasten, Stick To
63B Unite
  • What words refer to joining two or more things together?
    join, join together, agglutinate, assemble, bolt, cement, chain, clip, combine, connect, couple, crimp, fasten, fetter, fuse, glue, grapple, handcuff, hitch, hook together, knit, latch, link, manacle, merge, paste, pin, plaster, put together, put up, rivet, secure, sew, shackle, solder, staple, stick, stick together, tape (up), unite, unify, weld,
  • What words refer to joining one thing to another?
    affix, anchor, annex, attach, batten, engraft, fix to, graft, moor, nail, screw, secure, stick to, tack,
  • What words refer to things joining together?
    adhere, bind, cleave, cling, cohere, combine, fuse, merge, stick together, unite,
  • What words refer to something joining itself to something?
    attach to, bind to, fasten to, stick to, take hold of
  • What words refer to the act of joining things together?
    joining, attachment, bonding, combination, fusion, unification, union, welding,
  • What words describe things that have been joined?
    joined, affixed, anchored, assembled, attached, bolted, cemented, chained, connected, fastened, fixed to, fused, glued, handcuffed, manacled, nailed, pasted, pinned, plastered, riveted, sewn, shackled, stapled, stick, stuck, taped, united, unified, welded
  • What words refer to something made by joining things together?
    union, unity, assembly, assemblage, bundle, ensemble, merger, trinity, triumvirate, partnership, compound, couple, coupling, conglomerate, combination, construct (n),
  • What words refer to something that is joined to something else?
  • What words refer to the place where two things are joined together?
    join (n), joint, junction, connection, contact point, intersection, seam,
  • What words refer to how well things are joined together?
    bond, coherent, fast, secure, stay, strong (joint/bond), weak (joint/bond), stuck,
  • What words refer to reuniting things that have come apart?
    reunite, reassemble, rejoin, re-glue, reattach, refasten, put back together