Use this domain for words related to a map--a drawing of the world or part of the world.

OMC Codes: 
102 Maps
  • What words refer to a map?
    map, chart, atlas
  • What types of maps are there?
    road map, street map, contour map, geographical map, political map
  • What is a model of the earth called?
  • What words refer to making a map?
  • What words refer to using a map?
    read a map, look for something on the map, find something on the map, trace a route
  • What words refer to the symbols on a map?
    symbol, legend, contour line, longitude line, latitude line, parallel
  • What words refer to the relationship between the size of the map and the size of the real land?
    scale, large scale, small scale, projection
  • What other tools are used to find a place?
    compass, sextant