7.1.3 Lie down

Use this domain for words referring to lying down.

Louw Nida Codes: 
17G Lie x
17F Recline x
  • What words refer to lying down from a standing or sitting positions?
    lie, lie down, lie back, recline, stretch out, sprawl, prostrate
  • What words describe how a person lies down?
    flop down, fall into bed
  • What words refer to being in a lying position?
    lie, be lying down, lay, be prone, recumbent, repose
  • What words describe how a person is lying?
    lie on your back/front/side, stretched out, spread-eagled, sprawled, flat out, reclining
  • What words refer to getting up from lying down?
    get up, get out of bed, sit up
  • What words refer to causing someone to lie down?
    lay someone (down/somewhere)
  • What words refer to the place where a person lies?