7.1.1 Stand

Use this domain for words related to standing. The words in this domain may include whether the person is standing on one foot or two, whether the person's feet are together or placed apart, whether something is between the person's feet, how fast the person stands up.

Louw Nida Codes: 
17A Stand x
  • What words refer to being in a standing position?
    stand, be standing, be on your feet
  • What words refer to standing up from a sitting or lying position?
    stand, stand up, rise (to your feet), get up, get to your feet, jump to your feet, leap up, leap out of the chair, pick yourself up
  • How do people stand?
    stand on one leg, straddle, stand on tiptoes
  • What words refer to causing someone to stand?
    stand someone up, raise someone to their feet, help someone up
  • What words refer to standing near something?
    stand around, stand together
  • How do you order someone to stand?
    on your feet