Use this domain for words related to feeling relaxed--to feel good when you are not working and nothing bad is happening.

  • What words refer to feeling relaxed?
    relax, rest, unbend, unwind, feel at home, feel at ease, be at ease, take it easy, take things easy, make yourself at home, loosen up, let your hair down, let yourself go,
  • What words refer to the feeling of relaxation?
    relaxation, comfort,
  • What words describe someone who feels relaxed?
    relaxed, at ease, calm, comfortable, laid-back, uninhibited
  • What words refer to causing someone to feel relaxed?
    relax someone, put someone at ease, make someone feel at home,
  • What words refer to something that causes someone to feel relaxed?
    sedative, relaxant,
  • What words describe something that causes someone to feel relaxed?