Use this domain for words related to feeling interested.

  • What words refer to feeling interested in something?
    be interested in, show interest, express interest, find something interesting, take an interest in, be curious about,
  • What words refer to the feeling of interest?
    interest, curiosity,
  • What words describe someone who feels interested?
    interested, curious,
  • What words refer to causing someone to feel interested?
    interest, get someone interested, entertain, stimulate, stir, appeal to, attract someone's interest, attract someone's attention, interestingly, hold your attention, rekindle interest, revive interest,
  • What words refer to something that is interesting?
    interest, curio, attraction, entertainment,
  • What words describe someone that is interesting?
    interesting, colorful, a character, entertainer,
  • What words describe something that is interesting?
    interesting, be of interest, entertaining, lively, stimulating, stimulation, unusual, have character,
  • What words describe a time when something interesting is happening?
    interesting, eventful, colorful, never a dull moment,
  • What words refer to becoming more interested in something?
    get interested, become interested, get into,
  • What words refer to becoming less interested in something?
    lose interest,
  • What words refer to making something more interesting?
    make something more interesting, liven up, jazz up, add variety,
  • What words refer to doing something often because you are interested in it?
    follow (a sport), be into, take something up,
  • What words refer to something you do because you are interested in it?
    hobby, interest, recreation,