2.3.1 See

Use this domain for words related to seeing something (in general or without conscious choice).

Louw Nida Codes: 
24A See
  • What words refer to seeing something?
    see, set eyes on, witness, see something with your own eyes, behold, notice, perceive, get an eyeful,
  • What words refer to seeing something for a very short time?
    catch sight of, catch a glimpse of, get a look at,
  • What words refer to seeing something that you have been looking for?
    spot, sight, observe,
  • What words refer to seeing something with difficulty?
    make out, distinguish,
  • What words refer to the ability to see?
    sight, sense of sight, vision, eyesight,
  • What words refer to someone who sees something?
    observer, beholder, witness, eyewitness, onlooker, spectator, viewer,
  • What words refer to something that is seen?
    sight, view, scene, scenery, picture, show, spectacle, vision, vista, panorama,
  • What words refer to an occasion of seeing?
    sight, at first sight, your first sight of,
  • What words describe how well a person can see?
    blind, astigmatism, clear-eyed, clear-sighted, cross-eyed, eyesight, good eyesight, poor eyesight, farsighted, lynx-eyed, myopia, myopic, nearsighted, purblind, sightless, visionless,
  • What words refer to doing something so that someone can't see?
    blindfold, blind, dazzle, block someone's view,
  • What words describe something that has to do with seeing?
    seeing, optic, optical, visual,