Snow, ice

Use this domain for words related to snow, ice, sleet, and hail.

  • What words refer to different kinds of snow?
    snow (n), sleet, sleety, hail, hailstorm, snowstorm, ice storm, blizzard, snow flurry
  • What does the snow do?
    snow (v), fall, snowfall, drift, blow, cover (the ground), blanket (v), snow in
  • What words refer to a piece of snow or ice?
    snowflake, hailstone, block of ice, ice cube
  • What words refer to snow or ice on the ground?
    ice, drift, snowbank, blanket, snow cover, dusting, icicle, sheet of ice, iceberg, glacier
  • What words refer to snow on a mountain?
    glacier, snowcap, snowfield, avalanche
  • What words refer to frost (frozen dew)?
  • What do people do with snow?
    shovel, plow
  • What do people make with snow?
    snowball, snowman, igloo
  • What tools do people use with snow?
    ice axe, snow shovel, snowplow
  • What words refer to moving on snow or ice?
    ski, skate, sled, sleigh, sledge, snowshoes, skis, ice-skates, slide, slip
  • What words refer to water turning into ice?
    freeze, frozen, ice over/up
  • What words refer to snow and ice turning into water?
    melt, melt water, thaw, slush, turn to slush
  • What words refer to frozen ground?
  • What words describe a time when it snows?
  • What words describe something that has snow or ice on it?
    snowy, snow covered, icy, frosty