Use this domain for words related to the clouds.

Louw Nida Codes: 
1E Atmospheric Objects
  • What words refer to a cloud?
  • What do clouds do?
    rain, build, rise, gather, disperse, billow, blow, blown by the wind, move across the sky, threatening, shadow, obscure, hide (the sun)
  • What words describe different kinds of clouds?
    storm clouds, rain cloud, cumulus, thunderhead, anvil shaped, billowing, nimbus, fluffy, cirrus, wispy, vapor trail, haze, hazy, fog, foggy, mist, misty, steam, vapor, band, smog, fume, cloud of smoke
  • What words describe how many clouds are in the sky?
    cloudy, cloud up, cloud cover, be clouded over, overcast, partly cloudy, scattered clouds, gray, dull, foggy