1.1.1 Sun

Use this domain for words related to the sun. The sun does three basic things. It moves, it gives light, and it gives heat. These three actions are involved in the meanings of most of the words in this domain. Since the sun moves below the horizon, many words refer to it setting or rising. Since the sun is above the clouds, many words refer to it moving behind the clouds and the clouds blocking its light. The sun's light and heat also produce secondary effects. The sun causes plants to grow, and it causes damage to things.

Louw Nida Codes: 
1D Heavenly Bodies
  • What words refer to the sun?
    sun, solar, sol, daystar, our star
  • What words refer to how the sun moves?
    rise, set, cross the sky, come up, go down, sink
  • What words refer to the time when the sun rises?
    dawn, sunrise, sunup, daybreak, cockcrow,
  • What words refer to the time when the sun is at its highest point?
    noon, zenith,
  • What words refer to the time when the sun sets?
    sunset, dusk, sundown, twilight, eventide,
  • What words refer to when the sun is shining?
    shine, sunny, bright, give light, be sunshiny, daytime,
  • What words refer to the sun shining through the clouds?
    come out, break through (the clouds), go behind (a cloud)
  • What words describe where the sun is shining?
    sunlit, be (out) in the sun, lit by the sun, shine on, be in the sunlight, sunny (spot)
  • What words describe when or where the sun doesn't shine?
    shade, eclipse of the sun, sunless, shady, shadow, eclipse (v),
  • What words refer to the light of the sun?
    sunlight, ray, sunshine, beam, light, sunbeam, radiance, glow, sparkle, glisten, glare
  • What words describe the brightness of the sun?
    bright, intense, brilliant, blinding, glaring, glistening, luminous, dim
  • What refer to the sun heating things?
    warm, heat, dry
  • What else does the sun do?
    looks down on
  • What words describe the damage done by sunlight?
    sunburn, sunstroke, suntan, tan, heatstroke, heat prostration, sun damage, fading from the sun, bleached by the sun
  • What do people use to protect themselves from the sun?
    sunglasses, shade tree, suntan lotion, awning, sun umbrella, parasol, sunbonnet, hat, visor
  • What words are used of telling time by the sun?
    sundial, angle of the sun, sun-clock, shoot the sun, position of the sun,
  • What words refer to using the power of the sun?
    solar energy, solar power, solar panel