Use this domain for words that indicate that no one is certain that something is true, or when it is impossible to be certain that something is true.

Louw Nida Codes: 
71C Certain, Uncertain
  • What words indicate that something is uncertain?
    uncertain, not be certain, not be clear, it's up in the air, there is uncertainty
  • What words indicate that something is uncertain, but it is likely that something bad will happen?
    uncertain, doubtful, be in doubt, there is doubt about, it's touch and go, hang in the balance, iffy
  • What words indicate that two things are equally possible?
    could go either way, borderline, there's a fifty-fifty chance, it's a toss-up
  • What words indicate that something is uncertain because people have many different opinions about it?
    debatable, questionable, open to question, open to debate, moot point