9.1 General words

Use the following section for words that don't belong in any other domain because they are so general in meaning that you can use them to talk about any topic. Use this domain for general and indefinite words that can be used in the place of any word. Some languages have a general word that can replace a noun or a verb. For instance some Philippine languages use the word 'kwan' in this way. Colloquial German can use the word 'dings' as a noun or verb. Often these words are used when you can't remember the particular word you are trying to think of. In English we use the word 'blank' when we don't want to say a word, for instance when we are testing someone and want them to say the word.

Louw Nida Codes: 
13 Be, Become, Exist, Happen
  • What words can be used in the place of any word?
    blank, ... (ellipsis), you know what I mean