6.4.1 Hunt

Use this domain for words related to hunting wild animals.

OMC Codes: 
224 Hunting and Trapping
  • What words refer to hunting animals?
    hunt (v), hunt (n), lay in wait, blind, decoy, animal call, bag an animal, strike to cause injury, strike hard, kill, flush an animal out of hiding, to suddenly come out of hiding, search, hide, capture, chase away, aim, miss target, shoot, hit target, nick
  • What weapons are used to hunt animals?
    spear, hunting bow, arrow, poison for arrow, quiver, hunting net, club, gun
  • How are the weapons cared for?
  • Where do people hunt?
    hunting grounds
  • What words refer to hunting with dogs?
    hunt with dog, hunting dog, hunting dog bell, take up the chase, catch the scent, follow the scent, corner an animal, tree an animal, bay (sound of a dog when following an animal)