5.5 Fire

Use this domain for general words that refer to fire and for words referring to types of fire. These words may be specific for what is being burned (forest fire 'a fire burning a forest'), the size of the fire (inferno 'a very large hot fire'), or the place where the fire burns (hellfire 'the fire in hell').

OMC Codes: 
372 Fire
Louw Nida Codes: 
2C Fire
  • What general words refer to a fire?
    fire, combustion,
  • What types of fire are there?
    fireball, torch, firebrand, fireworks, firecracker, burn a field before planting,
  • What words refer to what is being burned?
    house fire, forest fire, grass fire, wood fire, oil fire
  • What words refer to the size of the fire?
    spark, flame, flicker, finger, tongue, flare, blaze, conflagration, inferno, raging inferno
  • What words refer to where the fire is?
    campfire, hellfire
  • What words refer to a fire started by accident?
    blaze, the flames,
  • What words refer to a fire started on purpose?
    cook fire, bonfire, controlled fire,
  • What words refer to deliberately burning something?
    burn something, set something on fire, set fire to, torch (v),
  • What words refer to the crime of burning someone's house or field?
    arson, arsonist
  • What words describe something that burns easily?
    flammable, inflammable, combustible
  • What words describe something that will not burn?
    fireproof, unburnable, fire-resistant, unquenchable