5.4.7 Care for the fingernails

Use this domain for words related to caring for the fingernails.

  • What words are used to describe the process of caring for the nails?
    manicure, clean, cut, clip, trim, shape, sharpen
  • What tools are used to care for the nails?
    clippers, scissors, file
  • What is a piece of a cut off fingernail called?
    fingernail clippings
  • What words describe when a nail grows into the finger or toe and causes a sore?
    ingrown nail
  • What do people do with their nails?
    to bite (your nails), scratch
  • What words are used of painting the nails?
    paint, polish, nail polish
  • What words are used to describe the condition of the nails?
    long, clean, dirty, dirt under the nails, chipped, curved