5.5.5 What fires produce

Use this domain for words related to the things that fires produce.

  • What do fires produce?
    flames, heat, light, smoke, fumes, exhaust, sparks, ash, soot
  • What words refer to a fire giving off something?
    to smoke, give off sparks, send up sparks, give off heat, glow
  • What words refer to smoke?
    smoke, smoky, blue with smoke, haze, smog
  • What do sparks do?
    shoot up, fly out, land on things
  • What sounds do fires make?
    crackle, pop, hiss, roar of the flames
  • What words refer to wood after it has been burning?
    embers, coals, live coals
  • What is left behind by a fire?
    ash, blackened wood, charred remains
  • What words refer to the material that is left on things near a fire?
  • What words refer to an area of ground that has been burned?
    burn (n), burned off area