Food from animals

Use this domain for words referring to eating meat and to types of animals that are eaten. Only include those animals that are commonly eaten, especially those that are domesticated.

OMC Codes: 
266 Cannibalism
  • What words refer to a person (or animal) who only eats meat?
    carnivore, carnivorous, meat eating
  • What types of animals are eaten?
    beef (cow), mutton (sheep), venison (deer)
  • What types of birds are eaten?
    chicken, turkey
  • What types of fish are eaten?
    tuna, trout, sardines
  • What types of reptiles are eaten?
    frog legs
  • What types of insects can be eaten?
    edible insects, white ant, termite, grub, locust
  • What words refer to honey and other insect products that can be eaten?
  • What types of small animals are eaten?
    shrimp, lobster
  • What words refer to eating human flesh?