5.2.5 Narcotic

Use this domain for words related to narcotics and drugs that are not used as medicine but as stimulants. Narcotics are often addicting and harmful to a person's health.

OMC Codes: 
276 Recreational and Non-therapeutic Drugs
Narcotics and Stimulants
  • What general words refer to narcotics?
    narcotic, drug,
  • What types of narcotics are there?
    marijuana, bhang, LSD, heroin, opium
  • What words refer to taking drugs?
    take drugs, be on drugs
  • What tools are used to take drugs?
    drug paraphernalia
  • What words refer to a person who takes drugs?
    addict, user, junkie,
  • What words refer to a dosage of drugs?
  • What affect do drugs have on people?
    addiction, dependence, be high
  • What words refer to being addicted to drugs?
    be addicted, dependent, be hooked,
  • What words refer to the need for drugs?
    addiction, habit, dependence,
  • What words describe a drug that makes people addicted?