4.3.1 Good, moral

Use this domain for words related to being good or moral in behavior.

Louw Nida Codes: 
88B Just, Righteous
88C Holy, Pure
41C Particular Patterns of Behavior
  • What words describe someone who is good?
    good, moral, blameless, decent, ethical, excellent, fine, high-minded, holy, honorable, just, pure, righteous, saintly, sanctified, upstanding, virtuous, worthy,
  • What words refer to a good person?
  • What words refer to the quality of being good?
    goodness, morality, holiness, purity, righteousness, sanctification, virtue,
  • What words refer to doing something good?
    do good, be good, behave, behave yourself, be on your best behavior,
  • What words refer to something someone does that is good?
    good deed, good behavior,
  • What words describe something someone does that is good?
    good, ethical, fine, right, righteous, worthy,
  • What words refer to becoming good?
    improve, develop, reform,