Family, clan

Use this domain for words that refer to social groups composed of related people.

OMC Codes: 
590 Family
144 Racial Identification
Racial Affinities
591 Residence
592 Household
593 Family Relationships
594 Nuclear Family
595 Polygamy
596 Extended Families
610 Kin Groups
611 Rule of Descent
612 Kindreds and Ramages
613 Lineages
614 Sibs
615 Phratries
616 Moieties
617 Bilinear Kin Groups
618 Clans
619 Tribe and Nation
Louw Nida Codes: 
11D Ethnic-Cultural
  • What words refer to your father, mother, and siblings?
    family, nuclear family,
  • What words refer to the people who live in your house?
  • What words refer to groups of people who are related to you?
    tribe, tribal, clan, race
  • What words describe something about your family?
    family, domestic, run in the family,