4.1.1 Friend

Use this domain for words related to friendship.

OMC Codes: 
572 Friendships
573 Cliques
  • What words are used to describe the formation of a friendship?
    build a friendship, become friends, befriend, be friendly
  • What words are used to refer to the state of being friends?
    be friends with, going together, going out, going steady
  • What words are used to refer to the friendship itself?
  • What words are used to refer to a person who is a friend?
    friend, pal, buddy, amigo, soul mate, mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, companion
  • What are the outward signs of friendship?
    hold hands, be together, do things together, share, give gifts, show affection
  • What words describe a friendship?
    intimate, intimacy, close, deep, long-standing, old friend, improper
  • What words describe a friendship that has gone bad?
    broken relationship, break up, strained relationship, misunderstanding, co-dependency