4.1.6 Disunity

Use this domain for words related to disunity--when a group of people do not agree with each other and are fighting.

Louw Nida Codes: 
39A Opposition, Hostility
39B Division
  • What words refer to the disunity of a social group?
    disunity, division, discord, dissidence, dissonance, friction, incompatibility, variance, dissension, dissent
  • What words refer to dividing a social group or more than one social group?
    divide, sow dissention, set at odds, pit against, part company with, have a falling out, differ, clash, disagree
  • What words describe a group that is disunited?
    disunited, divided, divided in spirit, going in different directions, discordant, out of tune, on bad terms, dissenting, factious, at odds, at cross purposes, up in arms, embroiled, torn
  • What words describe a person, force, or influence that divides a group?
    divisive, disruptive