Use this domain for words related to the expression of good feelings, including laughing--the sounds a person makes when he is enjoying himself or thinks something is funny.

Louw Nida Codes: 
25L Laugh, Cry, Groan x
  • What general words refer to laughing?
    laugh, laughter, laugh at (something), have a laugh
  • What words describe the way a person laughs?
    laugh aloud, laugh out loud, chortle, heehaw, guffaw, cackle, yuck it up, squeal with laughter, canned laughter
  • What words refer to laughing a little or quietly?
    laugh silently, chuckle, giggle, ripple of laughter, titter, twitter,
  • What words refer to laughing a lot or loudly?
    roar with laughter, laugh uproariously, howl with laughter, shriek with laughter, hearty laugh, peals of laughter, laugh helplessly, laugh your head off, laugh hysterically, have hysterics, roll in the aisle, almost die laughing, double up, convulsed with laughter, split your sides
  • What words refer to laughing for a long time?
    can't stop laughing, have the giggles, fall over/about laughing, have a good laugh, laugh till the tears roll down your cheeks
  • What words refer to laughing at someone because they did something wrong?
    laugh at, mock, titter, snicker, snigger
  • What words refer to beginning to laugh?
    start laughing, burst out laughing, burst of laughter, dissolve into laughter
  • What words refer to causing someone to laugh?
    make someone laugh, amuse, crack someone up, have someone in hysterics, have someone in stitches, tickle, ticklish
  • What words describe someone or something that causes people to laugh?
    laughable, amusing, comic, comical, absurd, facetious, humor, humorous, sense of humor
  • What words refer to the sound of a person makes when he is laughing?
    ho ho ho, ha ha ha
  • What words refer to trying not to laugh?
    (try to/can't) keep a straight face, stifle a laugh
  • What words refer to smiling?
    smile, smile at, grin, wide grin, big smile, half smile, slight smile, smirk, crack a smile, beam
  • What other ways do people show they feel good?
    clap, applaud, applause, cheer, jump up and down, jump for joy, dance for joy, shout for joy, make merry, revel, weep for joy, ululate
  • What do people say when they are happy?
    Hurrah! Hooray! Yeah! Three cheers! Hallelujah! Yippee! Yahoo!