3.5.2 Make speech

Use this domain for words related to making a speech--to talk for a long time to many people.

OMC Codes: 
537 Oratory
544 Public Lectures
  • What words refer to making a speech?
    make a speech, give a speech, preach, sermonize, teach, lecture (v), give a talk on, address (v), orate, public speaking
  • What words refer to the person making the speech?
    speaker, preacher, teacher, lecturer
  • What words refer to the people listening to the speech?
  • What words refer to what is said?
    speech, sermon, lecture (n), talk (n), address (n), oration, homily
  • What words refer to the parts of a speech?
    introduction, body of a speech, point, make a point, conclusion, concluding remarks,
  • What words refer to knowing or learning how to give a good speech?
    oratory, homiletics
  • What words describe a speaker who talks for a long time?
    long winded