Use this domain for words related to blaming someone for something--to say that someone did something, and because of this something bad happened.

  • What words refer to blaming someone for something?
    blame someone for something, blame something on someone, say something is somebody's fault, put the blame on, lay the blame on, apportion blame, hold someone responsible,
  • What words refer to blaming yourself for something?
    blame yourself, reproach yourself,
  • What words refer to being blamed for something?
    get the blame, get blamed for, take the blame, take the rap, carry the can, take the fall,
  • What words refer to someone who is unfairly blamed for something?
    scapegoat, fall guy,
  • What words refer to blaming someone else for something that is your fault?
    shift the blame, pass the buck,
  • What words refer to saying that someone is not to blame for something?
    exonerate, give someone the benefit of the doubt,
  • What words refer to people blaming each other for something?
  • What words refer to feeling bad about someone because you think they are to blame for something?
    reproach (n),