Use this domain for words related to criticizing someone or something--to say that something is bad, especially something that someone did.

Louw Nida Codes: 
33S' Criticize
  • What words refer to criticizing someone or something?
    criticize, be critical, be a critic of, critique, accuse, attack, launch into an attack on, badmouth, belittle, blame, carp, cavil, censure, cite, charge, decry, denounce, deprecate, deride, disparage, gibe, harangue, judge, lay into, mock, rake someone over the coals, recriminate, reprehend, reproach, ridicule, scoff, speak evil of, tear down (someone), voice your disapproval,
  • What words refer to strongly criticizing someone or something?
    slam, pan, tear to shreds, pillory, do a hatchet job on, blast, castigate, condemn, damn, excoriate, execrate,
  • What words refer to criticizing someone in an unfair way?
    find fault with, pick holes in, knock, run down, denigrate, put down, get at,
  • What words refer to something someone says when criticizing?
    criticism, critique (n), accusation, attack (n), belittlement, castigation, censure, charge, condemnation, denigration, denouncement, denunciation, deprecation, derision, disapproval, disparagement, excoriation, execration, faultfinding, gibe (n), harangue (n), judgment, malediction, put-down, recrimination, reprehension, ridicule (n), slur,
  • What words describe something someone says when criticizing?
    critical (remark/essay), belittling, deprecatory, disparaging, scathing,
  • What words refer to a person who often criticizes other people?
  • What words describe someone who often criticizes other people?
    critical, captious, censorious, hypercritical, judgmental,
  • What words refer to being criticized by someone else?
    receive criticism, come in for criticism, be under attack, come under attack, get a lot of flak, take a lot of flak, be open to criticism,
  • What words refer to someone who is criticized?
  • What words refer to not criticizing someone?
    don't blame, can't blame,