Use this domain for words related to quarreling--to fight with words.

Louw Nida Codes: 
33Y' Argue, Quarrel
  • What words refer to quarreling?
    quarrel (v), altercate, argue, bicker, clash, contend with, differ, disagree, dispute (v), dissent, feud (v), fight (v), quibble, row (v), scrap, squabble (v), wrangle (v), find fault with,
  • What words refer to a quarrel between people?
    quarrel (n), altercation, arguing, argument, bickering, contention, controversy, disagreement, dispute (n), feud (n), fight (n), fracas, row (n), ruckus, rumpus, spat, squabble (n), tiff, wrangle (n), wrangling, friendly argument, heated debate,
  • What words refer to something someone says in an quarrel?
    argument, argumentation, angry words, disputation,
  • What words refer to something people quarrel about?
    bone of contention,
  • What words describe someone who quarrels often?
    quarrelsome, contentious, argumentative, combative, pugnacious, faultfinding