2.2.8 Defecate, feces

Use this domain for words related to defecation.

OMC Codes: 
514 Elimination
  • What words refer to defecating?
    defecate, go to the bathroom, have a bowel movement, void, excrete, poop, take a crap, evacuate your bowels, purge your bowels, void,
  • What words refer to feces?
    feces, manure, crap, droppings, dung, excrement, fecal, guano, pile, stool, waste, shit,
  • What words refer to when the feces are liquid?
    diarrhea, loose bowel
  • What words refer to when it is difficult to defecate?
    constipation, constipated
  • What words refer to cleaning after defecating?
    wipe (yourself, your anus),
  • What things do people use to clean themselves?
    toilet paper
  • What things are used for babies?
    diaper, nappies
  • Where do people defecate?
    bathroom, toilet, latrine
  • What words refer to the smell of feces?
    fetid, malodorous, putrid,
  • What words are used of intestinal gas?
    gas, pass gas, break wind, fart