Use this domain for words referring to oil.

  • What general words refer to oil?
    oil, grease, lubricant
  • What types of oil are there?
    petroleum, petrol, gasoline, gas, diesel, kerosene, paraffin, crude oil, mineral oil, ointment, liniment, lotion, Vaseline, glycerin
  • What types of oil are made from plants and animals?
    vegetable oil, cream, lard, fat, wax, tallow, beeswax, soap
  • What words describe oil?
    oily, greasy, slippery, slick, slimy, smooth, lubricating, fatty, gummy, mucous, soapy
  • What words refer to some oil on something?
    drop of oil, oil slick, blob, glob, soap (v)
  • What words refer to putting oil on something?
    lubricate, lubrication, lube, oil (v), anoint, rub, salve, slick, smear, grease (v)