Use this domain for words related to planets (large objects that circle the sun, looking like bright wandering stars in the sky), comets (objects that circle the sun, looking like a star with a tail), meteors (small objects that come from space and burn up when they hit the earth's atmosphere, causing a streak of light across the sky), and asteroids (small objects that circle the sun), planetary moons (large objects that circle the planets). Some cultures do not study the stars and will have few or no words in this domain. Others cultures that study the stars will have many words. There are only five planets that people can see in the sky--Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The others are only known from the scientific study of astronomy.

  • What words refer to a planet?
    planet, planetary, wandering star
  • What are the names of the planets?
    Mercury, Venus (Morning Star, Evening Star), Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  • What words refer to how the planets move?
    revolve (around the sun), orbit,
  • What words refer to the sun and planets?
    solar system
  • What words refer to comets?
    comet, tail, head
  • What do comets do?
    appear, point, fade
  • What words refer to meteors?
    meteor, shooting star, falling star, meteor trail, meteor shower
  • What do meteors do?
    flash across the sky, blaze a trail across the sky, strike the earth, make a crater, burn up
  • What words are used for when a meteor hits the earth?
    meteorite, meteor crater
  • What is a small planet called?
    asteroid, moon