9.7.1 Name of a person

Use this domain for words related to the name of a person. Each culture has a system of personal names to identify individuals and kin groups. The subcategories under this heading should reflect the cultural system. If your language has a special set of names that do not fit any of they domains given here, then set up a special domain.

OMC Codes: 
551 Personal Names
Louw Nida Codes: 
9E Persons For Whom There Is Affectionate Concern
93A Persons
  • What words refer to the name of a person?
    name, proper name, proper noun, first name, given name, personal name, middle name, last name, family name, father's name, surname, maiden name, initial, title, identity,
  • What words refer to a name your family or friends use for you that is not your real name?
    nickname, pet name
  • What words refer to a name you use for yourself that is not your real name?
    false name, pseudonym, pen name, stage name, alias, a.k.a. (also known as), under the name of, under an assumed name, go by the name of,
  • What words are used to refer to someone when you can't remember what they are called?
    what's his/her name, whatchamacallit, whatsit, so and so,
  • What words describe someone whose name is not known?
    anonymous, unnamed, unidentified, incognito, unknown, nameless,
  • What words refer to discovering or stating the name of someone whose name has not been known?
    name, identify,
  • What words are used to indicate a person's name?
    someone's name is, be called, be known as, named,
  • What words refer to giving someone a name?
    name (v), call, be christened, give a name to, choose a name, pick a name, call him/her 'name'
  • What words refer to the reason why someone is given a name?
    be named for, be named after, namesake
  • When is a name given?
    naming ceremony, christening
  • What words refer to writing your name?
    sign (your name), signature