Stop something

Use this domain for words related to the end of an action or situation.

  • What words (intransitive verbs) indicate that something has ended?
    stop, come to rest, halt, come to a screeching halt
  • What words (transitive verbs) indicate that someone is stopping something?
    end (something), stop (something), stanch (flow of blood), obstruct (justice), arrest (progress), halt (traffic), impede (progress), inhibit (flow), delay (someone/event), hold up (traffic), detain (someone), discontinue (product), suspend (action), terminate (someone's life), conclude (story), cease (hostilities), desist from (doing something), bring closure to (something), curtail,
  • What words refer to the event of stopping?
    halt, standstill, pause, discontinuance, stoppage, stay, closure
  • Where do things typically stop?
    stopping place, station
  • What things are used to stop things?
    brake, catch, skid
  • What do people say when they want someone to stop?
    Halt! Stay! Cease and desist! Belay that order! Avast!
  • What words describe something that you can't stop doing?
  • What words indicate that some state has ended?
    cease, finish, stop,
  • What words refer to something stopping gradually?
    fade away, wear off, go away, die away,