Use this domain for words referring to the age of something.

Louw Nida Codes: 
58K New, Old
  • What words refer to the age of something?
    age, how old,
  • What words are used to say how old someone is?
    be (ten), be (ten) years old, be (ten) years of age, aged (ten), (a boy) of (ten), (ten)-year-old, have turned (ten),
  • What words are used to say how old something is?
    be (ten) years old, (ten)-year-old,
  • What words describe something that is the same age as something else?
    the same age,
  • What words refer to all the people of the same age?
    generation, age group, the under-(ten)s, the over-(ten)s
  • What words refer to finding out how old something is?
    date (v), establish the date of, determine the age of