4.9.9 Irreligion

Use this domain for words related to thinking and acting against God or religion.

OMC Codes: 
798 Religious Intolerance
Louw Nida Codes: 
53L Sacrilege
  • What is a person called who does not believe in a religion?
    unbeliever, pagan, gentile, heathen, atheist, agnostic, irreligious, godless
  • What words refer to a religious group, which the official religion considers to be false?
    false religion, sect
  • What words refer to a belief, which the official religion considers to be false?
    heresy, heretical, heretic, false doctrine/teaching
  • What words refer to thinking against God?
    disbelieve, unbelief, lack of faith, doubt, skepticism, agnosticism, atheism, paganism
  • What words refer to speaking against God?
    blaspheme, scoff, profane, irreverent
  • What words refer to acting against God?
    sin, impiety, ungodly, godlessness, desecrate, sacrilege
  • What words describe someone who is against God?
    impious, irreligious, profane
  • What words refer to turning away from God?
    apostasy, backsliding, reprobate
  • What words refer to pretending to be religious?
    hypocrisy, hypocrite
  • What words refer to extreme beliefs that are evil?
    fanatic, fanaticism, bigot, bigotry
  • What words refer to religious practices that are done in ignorance?
  • What words refer to allowing other people to practice their religion?
    tolerance, intolerance