4.9.2 Supernatural being

Use this domain for words referring to supernatural beings--gods, spirits, other types of beings, which normally cannot be seen and do not belong to this world. Some people accept the existence of certain supernatural beings and not others. Mythological beings are those that were believed in during previous times but that are no longer believed in. Fictional beings are those that no one has ever believed in. An indication of whether most people believe in the supernatural being should be put in the definition.

OMC Codes: 
776 Spirits and Gods
Louw Nida Codes: 
12 Supernatural Beings and Powers
12A Supernatural Beings
  • What general words refer to supernatural beings?
    supernatural being, spirit
  • What words refer to lesser gods?
    god, goddess, the gods, pantheon, deity,
  • What types of good supernatural beings are there?
    angel, angelic being, cherub, seraph, saint
  • What types of evil supernatural beings are there?
    demon, devil, Satan, the Devil, Beelzebub
  • What words refer to the spirit of a dead person?
    spirit, ghost, specter, apparition, phantom, shade, ghoul
  • What words refer to supernatural beings that are considered to be mythological or fictional and not real?
    Santa Claus, elf, fairy, giant, dwarf, sprite, genie, dragon, monster, Cyclops, vampire, alien
  • What words describe something like or related to a supernatural being?
    divine, angelic, demonic, Satanic, devilish, diabolical, ghost like, ghoulish, monstrous, alien,