Weapon, shoot

Use this domain for words related to a weapon and using a weapon.

OMC Codes: 
411 Weapons
710 Military Technology
711 Military Engineering
712 Military Installations
713 Ordnance
714 Uniform and Accouterment
715 Military Vehicles
716 Naval Vessels
717 Military Aircraft
718 Special Military Equipment
Louw Nida Codes: 
6G Weapons and Armor
55A To Arm
  • What general words refer to a weapon?
    weapon, weaponry, arms, armament, munitions, ordnance,
  • What words refer to a group of weapons?
    armory, arsenal, battery
  • What types of guns are there?
    gun, firearm, rifle, pistol, revolver, repeater, shotgun, six-gun, six-shooter, smoothbore, machinegun,
  • What are the parts of a gun?
    holster, trigger, muzzle, chamber, barrel, stock, bolt, bayonet, bore, breech, bullet, butt, hammer, musket, safety, sight,
  • What types of bows are there?
    bow, arrow, crossbow, longbow
  • What are the parts of a bow?
    quiver, string, arrowhead, shaft, feather
  • What types of swords are there?
    sword, knife, bayonet, dagger, bolo, machete, rapier, saber, scimitar, stiletto,
  • What are the parts of a sword?
    hilt, blade, guard
  • What types of spears are there?
    spear, dart, javelin, pike,
  • What are the parts of a spear?
    shaft, tip
  • What types of axes and clubs are there?
    ax, axe, blackjack, club, halberd, hatchet, mace, tomahawk, truncheon,
  • What types of artillery are there?
    artillery, cannon, bazooka, catapult, howitzer, mortar,
  • What types of bombs are there?
    bomb, grenade, mine, missile, rocket, atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb
  • What are the parts of a bomb?
    warhead, fuse, fin
  • What words refer to things shot from weapons?
    ammunition, bullet, projectile, shot, shell, cartridge, clip, pellet
  • What other types of weapons are there?
    blowgun, ram, sling, slingshot, whip
  • What words refer to using a weapon?
    archery, draw a pistol, draw a sword, draw a bow, fit an arrow, raise a gun, aim, load, stab, hurl a spear, swing an ax, drop a bomb, stick a knife into someone, bludgeon, whip (v)
  • What words refer to shooting a weapon?
    shoot (a gun), shoot at someone, shot, shell, fire, launch, aim, volley,
  • What types of armor are there?
    armor, shield, helmet, breastplate, greaves, buckler, corselet, mail, panoply, plate, plating, bullet proof vest, visor,
  • What words describe weapons?
    defensive, offensive, protective, deadly, weapon of mass destruction, conventional