4.8.3 War

Use this domain for words related to war--fighting between countries.

OMC Codes: 
720 War
726 Warfare
721 Instigation of War
722 Wartime Adjustments
723 Strategy
724 Logistics
725 Tactics
727 Aftermath of Combat
729 War Veterans
Louw Nida Codes: 
39 Hostility, Strife
55 Military Activities
  • What words refer to war?
    war, warfare, fighting, civil war, conflict, armed conflict,
  • What words refer to fighting a war?
    fight a war, wage war, be at war, declare war, make war, go on the warpath, fight, clash,
  • What words refer to a time when armies fight?
    war, battle, campaign, engagement, fight, contest, clash, skirmish
  • What words refer to the place where a war is fought?
    battlefield, field of battle, theater of war, scene of the battle, front, front lines, flank, rear, war zone,
  • What words refer to strategy in war?
    strategy, tactics, hunker down, keep up the pressure, overwhelm, concentrate your forces, form a line, hold the line, break the line, reform, rally, morale, maintain morale, military discipline, supply, supply lines, control the battle, battlefield control, reconnaissance, reconnoiter, intelligence, propaganda,
  • What words refer to an army moving?
    deploy, maneuver, outmaneuver, flank, outflank, advance, charge, overrun, retreat, withdraw
  • What words refer to a person who fights on your side?
  • What words refer to a person who wants to fight a war?
    warmonger, militarist, hawk,
  • What words describe a person or country that wants to fight a war?
  • What words describe countries that are at war?
  • What words refer to someone who is hurt or killed in a war?
    casualty, missing in action,