Use this domain for words related to defending someone from attack.

  • What words refer to defending yourself from attack?
    defend, fight back, hit back at, put up a fight, struggle against, resist, self-defense,
  • What words refer to defending someone from attack?
    defend, come to someone's defense, in defense of, in someone's defense, guard, protect, safeguard, shield, stand up for, stick up for,
  • What words refer to successfully defending yourself or someone?
    beat back, beat off, drive off, hold out against, fend off, fight off, fling back, repel, repulse,
  • What words refer to defense?
    defense, resistance,
  • What words refer to a person who defends?
    defender, guard, sentinel, lookout, watchman
  • What words describe someone who cannot defend himself?
  • What words describe something you do or use to defend yourself?
    defensive, protective,
  • What words refer to a place easier to defend?
    fortify, entrench, dig in,