Use this domain for words related to imprisoning someone.

OMC Codes: 
697 Prisons and Jails
Louw Nida Codes: 
37H Imprison
37I Guard, Watch Over
  • What words refer to the action of putting a person in prison?
    put in prison, imprison, to jail, incarcerate, lock up, confine, put in irons, send to prison, commit, put away, captivity,
  • What is a person called who is imprisoned?
    prisoner, jailbird, captive, felon, convict, inmate, prisoner of war
  • Where are people imprisoned?
    prison, brig, can, concentration camp, correctional institution, death camp, dungeon, house of correction, jail, jailhouse, county jail, joint, pen, penal colony, penitentiary, federal penitentiary, pound, reformatory, slammer, stockade,
  • What are the parts of a prison?
    cell, cellblock, bars, stocks, death row, solitary confinement, cooler,
  • Who are the staff of a prison?
    prison warden, prison guard, jailer, keeper, turnkey, warder
  • What words refer to the action of restraining a prisoner?
    restrain, control, to handcuff, tie up, put in chains, to bind, put in the stocks, to gag
  • What means are used to restrain prisoners?
    restraints, handcuffs, chains, bonds, stocks, gag
  • What words are used of escaping from prison?
    escape, break out of jail, jailbreak, escapee, escaped prisoner, be on the run
  • What words refer to the process of serving a sentence?
    serve your sentence
  • What words refer to the process of completing a sentence?
    complete your sentence, serve out the sentence, fulfill your sentence
  • What words refer to the action of releasing a person from prison?
    release, let go, let out of prison, set free