Use this domain for words related to feeling cowardly--to be afraid to do something because you think something bad might happen to you.

  • What words refer to feeling cowardly?
    be cowardly, be a coward, act cowardly, have a yellow streak,
  • What words refer to the feeling of cowardice?
  • What words describe someone who feels cowardly?
    cowardly, chicken, chickenhearted, fainthearted, gutless, lily-livered, pusillanimous, sissified, spineless, weak-kneed, wimpy, yellow, yellow bellied,
  • What words refer to causing someone to feel cowardly?
  • What words describe something that causes someone to feel cowardly?
  • What words refer to a coward?
    coward, milksop, sissy, wimp, yellow-belly
  • What words refer to becoming cowardly?
    lose your nerve, get cold feet, not dare, chicken out, not have the guts, not have the nerve,
  • How do people show that they feel cowardly?